How to keep busy while fasting

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Getting used to a fasting lifestyle can be a bit difficult at first, because eating has become habitual.  Just like any other habit, it is challenging to break.  We have come to set our clocks by the times we eat, and our body’s internal clocks are no different.  While you deal with the adjustment process, you may notice that you get irritable and restless.  That’s your body’s way of telling

Healthy tips to lose weight fast and permanently

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This topic can be an incredibly personal and incredibly touchy subject for a lot of people, people who through no fault of their own, and gained some extra weight or even an unfortunate amount of weight. It is a difficult subject because how do you broached the subject with an overweight person without offending? I broached the subject because I myself am obese, in fact I am morbidly obese. I

Losing weight the healthy way


There are a million things on the market these days that people can choose from that will help them with anything related to body image. The unfortunate truth is though that not everything on the market actually works or is even safe for human consumption. There are products out there that have so many chemicals in them, that they can’t possibly be good for you. The worst thing about these

Rapid Eat Stop Eat Results

Eat Stop Eat Results

Everyone who has battled weight issues will resonate with what I’m about to say. We have all been there, and tried everything in our pursuit to be healthy again.  People who are overweight or obese are stigmatized, hired less often, and judged unfairly in most cases by their more fit peers. Jumping through hoops There’s diets where you have to buy all the special foods, plan out your meals a

The Eat Stop Eat Diet is Easy!

Eat Stop Eat Diet

In all the many methods to lose weight and keep it off, none of the diet and exercise offers have made it easy or palatable enough to be something we can stick with.  It’s easy to see why: rice cakes, lets face it, they don’t taste good, it’s like chewing on styrofoam.  Saying, “No, I’m so full but thanks…” when you are offered a slice of pie or cake on

Fasting is The Body’s Repairman

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In Brad Pilon’s book, Eat Stop Eat, he presents fasting as a lifestyle.  It is called a diet, but most people associate dieting with the removal of their favourite foods.  This isn’t needed with this sort of method. Our Beginnings Our society has changed so much from our origins as hunter/gatherers, when even eating two meals a day was a luxury. Our bodies are complex creations capable of doing things

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

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Though the kinds of fasting vary across religious practices as well as other health methods, the idea remains the same. Stop eating for a period of time before you eat again. It doesn’t have to be for very long, and it helps your body do the things it was meant to do since humankind’s inception. Our Early Ancestors During our hunting and gathering stages, people had to go long distances