The Eat Stop Eat Diet is Easy!

Eat Stop Eat Diet

In all the many methods to lose weight and keep it off, none of the diet and exercise offers have made it easy or palatable enough to be something we can stick with.  It’s easy to see why: rice cakes, lets face it, they don’t taste good, it’s like chewing on styrofoam.  Saying, “No, I’m so full but thanks…” when you are offered a slice of pie or cake on a happy occasion, then bitterly chewing on your celery stick as you curse out the people getting to enjoy the sticky goodness you have told yourself no to.  Is it any wonder we don’t want to keep this up forever?  Life is too short not to indulge a bit in the things we eat.

Enjoy eating, not binging

Moderation is key.  In Brad Pilon’s e-book Eat Stop Eat, he explains why the diet is not what you think of as a traditional diet at all.  Diets generally tell you what NOT to eat, but really that should just be common sense. There is no food we eat today that is a calorie ninja, waiting to sneak up on us and smack on 20 pounds when it looks innocent enough.  We know things like burgers and fries shouldn’t be eaten more than once a week at most, we know a bowl of ice cream means a bowl, not the carton. It doesn’t take much to recognize things we already know are harmful.  The point is, you don’t have to cut them out altogether, just eat less of those types of things while choosing to intermittently fast 1-2 times a week in between normal eating habits.

Throw out the hassles

There is no counting calories, there are no annoying routines, blogs or journals you must keep, and you can fit this into your life, in a time that works for you no matter who you are or where you live in the world.  You have control over every aspect of the system and because of that, it is easier to continue with it. As long as you are committed to your body, you won’t let yourself fail.  Of all the diets that are out there, or have been in the past, this one has the least amount of strings attached, and offers a freedom that few do.

Dieting Myths & Facts

Some believe that by fasting, you are training your body to have an eating disorder.  This is as untrue as the people who promote not eating putting your body into starvation mode.  The truth is, when you cut your caloric intake sharply, your metabolism actually slows down, it doesn’t mean that you will store more fat for your body to survive as the starvation issue addresses. With this program you don’t have to cut down your calories any more than you normally would, provided you eat decently.

Calories are energy for the body, but they stick around long after we have eaten.  During a fasting day, you will notice more energy, precision in your thinking and actions, and a general feeling of well being. Nobody should attempt to intermittently fast without reading up on it first, or checking with their family doctor if there are other issues ongoing with their health.  His Eat Stop Eat Diet method discusses a proven way to fast without risk, and how to lead into this kind of lifestyle change you can maintain.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Benefits to health include things like an increase in growth hormones, which help us to repair and create new cellular growth.  Our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, hair and fingernails become stronger.  Our brains operate more clearly due to an increase in the protein BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)  Just like the increase in growth hormones does for our bodies, this does for our minds. It increases the number of fired synapses, repairs damaged tissues and clears away buildup and blockages caused over time.

Keep it Moving

As with any weight loss program, exercise is important too.  Less so than the idea of fasting, but any motion you do throughout the day is exercise.  The type of exercise that matches this sort of eating and intermittent fasting is resistance training.  You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership however, to ensure you get the time put into this.  All resistance training can be done at home with things you may already own.  It should also be mentioned that there is no chance of building bulk muscle mass by using this program.  What your end result is, are ropes of lean muscle, firming your body and toning it to perfection.

Eat Stop EatBrad Pilon’s program is simple, effective and noticable immediately.  It is no small wonder that the people who’ve written saying wonderful things about it have found it so easy to stick with and stand behind.  Seeing is believing.  Try it yourself!


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