Fasting is The Body’s Repairman

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In Brad Pilon’s book, Eat Stop Eat, he presents fasting as a lifestyle.  It is called a diet, but most people associate dieting with the removal of their favourite foods.  This isn’t needed with this sort of method.

Our Beginnings

Our society has changed so much from our origins as hunter/gatherers, when even eating two meals a day was a luxury. Our bodies are complex creations capable of doing things we cannot even imagine, and have been doing so since we appeared in history.  Somehow we went from eating twice a day to three times a day, coining the phrase “three square meals a day”, to eating 6 times a day plus snacks, as self proclaimed nutrition experts professed back in the 1980′s.

Separating truth from fiction

During this time it was also suggested that by going long periods without eating our body goes into starvation mode and can begin burning muscle, going for the healthiest muscle first including heart tissues. Total stretch of truth there. This doesn’t even begin to start happening until after 72 hours, and even then, it does not strictly take from muscle mass.

The science behind this suggests that your metabolism will slow down as a survival response to not getting food.  Fasting for less than two or three days actually increases our metabolic rate as well as providing other helpful side effects.  It also says that we will catabolize our muscles when fasting, but that also is an untruth because our body will always burn carbohydrates and fat stores before turning to muscle.  The fact is, our bodies store fat to be burned, we use it for energy and we burn it off during exercise.  This is also important with this health plan.

Endorphins = All Natural Joy

Exercise is a large component when fasting for health and muscle with Eat Stop Eat. Brad suggests resistance training, which is the easiest to incorporate into your life because it doesn’t require you to be part of a gym, or have special equipment.  Most of what you need you already have at home.  Exercise also releases endorphins which will help make you feel good even as you shape up to look good.

Fasting Factoids

Some of the hard facts about intermittent fasting:

It makes it easier to be in a negative caloric state because eating less frequently makes it harder to overeat. Your appetite diminishes to match the actual needs of your body, and despite feeling like you could eat a house, your portion sizes will     change significantly.

It can be easier for you to lose body fat because you keep your body in a fat burning metabolic state for more hours every day, and enable your body to repair damage done and dead cells using a natural process called autophagy. It is this process that slows age related problems including heart disease, cancer, strokes and high blood pressure. It also lessens the risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

It will give you noticeable signs of increased energy to feed a more active body, rather than feeling tired or worn out because your body is spending all day and all night trying to digest an entire day’s worth of food like normal. This energy manifests as clarity of the     mind, ease in performing tasks, remembering more clearly, the ability to fully concentrate, and an overall awareness and feeling well.  It also boosts our immune system due to the cellular repair and our body’s better health.

Experts Finally agree!

Many Doctors and experts in nutritional health have backed Eat Stop Eat as a viable weight loss and nutritional system that is whole and a complete lifestyle for long term application. Included, Dr. Andrew Weil, the founder and director of The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and an author in his own right.  He states the importance of trying to choose healthy options, or decrease the amount of unhealthy options on your eat days to enable your body to be better prepared on your stop days.  He also says that the nutritional dogma that we have been fed about eating 6 times a day + is not founded in nutritional facts.  He cites a nutrition analysis from the British Journal of Nutrition which states “any effects of meal pattern on the regulation of body weight appear to be negligible, and what matters is total food intake”.

Mature Methods for Mature Bodies

By brainwashing ourselves to believe that eating more often is good for us, regardless what we pick to eat, our society has grown, quite literally.  Most of us are overweight or obese, and believing what we’re told about eating more to keep our metabolism active.  The only time eating more does not result in weight gain is when we were children, with an excess of energy to be spent, and keeping ourselves in a negative caloric state despite what we ate.  As adults we cannot believe that our patterns as children still hold true, and it’s time to take a more practical approach to how we manage our diet and our lifestyle.

Eat Stop EatThrough Eat Stop Eat and the many people that are already converts to this lifestyle, you can find that window of opportunity open to you, and so much easier than it has been in the past.  No more counting calories, or eating expensive “must have special” foods, no more needing to kill yourself on a treadmill and trying to work a gym into your schedule, and no more saying goodbye forever to your favourite meals.  Get ready to take yourself to the best treat you’ve had all year!

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