How to keep busy while fasting

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Getting used to a fasting lifestyle can be a bit difficult at first, because eating has become habitual.  Just like any other habit, it is challenging to break.  We have come to set our clocks by the times we eat, and our body’s internal clocks are no different.  While you deal with the adjustment process, you may notice that you get irritable and restless.  That’s your body’s way of telling you it’s past time to eat, and it’s not going to go away in a matter of minutes, it takes days.  To help handle the irritation, and to segue into a fasting lifestyle a bit easier, there’s things you can do that will help along the way.

Drink a ton of water.  Drink water until you can’t anymore, not only will it fill you up and cause you to feel less hungry, but you’ll be hydrated at a very healthy level, and allowing your body to continue doing what it does best without grumbling quite so much.  Water helps your skin to be supple and smooth, it aids kidney function and liver function, allows for healthy blood flow to your extremities, helps to regulate your body temperature and SO much more.  The health benefits of water are innumerable.

If you have the sort of job that allows for some time off, it may be beneficial to take a couple days off, or just plan to start your fasting on a Friday night.  Try to remember that you’re feeling a bit more irritable than usual so you don’t end up snapping at a family member who means well.  This lifestyle is amazing for weight loss and muscle gain, and is a long term answer for anyone who struggles with weight issues, or things like metabolic syndromes or heart disease.  This stage of adjustment does not last forever, so finding ways to push through it are key to sticking with it.  Don’t let eating run your life; like any habit it will eventually stop bugging you.

Explore your interests more.  If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, spend a good deal of time looking for the perfect one, and take the time putting it together to keep your hands and mind busy.  If you enjoy crossword puzzles or word finds, get a big digest full of them, and fill a good portion of time completing them.  Even if you painted in high school, and haven’t since but you know you liked it, go out and buy some watercolors or tempura paints, and a book full of art paper.  Brushes and other supplies are super cheap, and you might just find that your frustrated feelings come out as incredible artwork on paper.  Keeping your mind and hands busy is the best way to beat the urge to run to the kitchen to eat when you’re on a fasting cycle.

Try new things like yoga.  Even people who are gamers can enjoy yoga in the privacy of their own home.  The Nintendo Wii offers yoga and meditation within their “Wii Fit Plus Yoga” game, and they even offer games like “Just Dance” so you can have a great time and get a workout in at the same time.  Working out while fasting is the easiest and most streamlined way toward making your metabolism work for you.  If you’ve never visited a used book store, it might be time to do so!  Even checking out magazines or periodicals from your local library will help fill in the spaces of time when you’re craving food the most, and will also feed your mind.

Keep in mind that your fasting cycle is not a long period of time, so you don’t have very long to get through, it’s just the hours before bedtime that can be difficult, during what would normally be supper time, and around 11am to noon.  If you can break through those periods, you will have no problem adjusting to this cycle long term, and seeing how quickly your body perks up and responds to fasting with exercise.  Getting a nice lean body and building up muscle mass has never been easier.

Forget what you’ve heard before.  Whoever said that you must eat 3 square meals a day, and turned it into 3 meals a day plus snacks in between, should publicly apologize.  Society is dealing with a massive obesity epidemic, and being misinformed and misdirected is unfair to all the people who are now struggling with weight, and weight related issues with their health. There isn’t even any reason to cite a study here because a quick search in Google will return hundreds that tell you that the 3 meals a day rule is not true, and has never been true.  Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Surgeons, family Physicians, competition runners and tri-athletes are all agreeing that intermittent fasting is absolutely the way toward a healthier body and mind.  You must simply see it to believe it.  So push through that initial block, it’ll be difficult and annoying but once you’ve passed it, you’ll see for yourself why people are changing how they view eating altogether.

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