Rapid Eat Stop Eat Results

Eat Stop Eat Results

Everyone who has battled weight issues will resonate with what I’m about to say. We have all been there, and tried everything in our pursuit to be healthy again.  People who are overweight or obese are stigmatized, hired less often, and judged unfairly in most cases by their more fit peers.

Jumping through hoops

There’s diets where you have to buy all the special foods, plan out your meals a month in advance, pre-make or freeze your tiny portions, counting calories or points, writing out what you ate for the day…every day, keeping a journal of your mistakes eating (for shaming? Doesn’t seem like a positive reinforcer to me) and also things like cutting out proteins, carbohydrates or gluten among a lot of other details.  Some suggest drinking smoothies, or going completely vegan.

Eating without guilt

What I just wrote even makes me grimace, it doesn’t sound like fun at all because it’s not.  It takes very little imagination to see how trying to sustain a life like this would be next to impossible for the long term, and completely no fun.  The idea that we have to punish ourselves and not allow ourselves to eat the things we like (in moderation of course) is absurd.  People tend to eat when they feel bad, and guilt is a good trigger.  If you feel guilty about that slice of cake you allowed yourself at the office birthday party, you’re more likely to eat more things that are bad, perpetuating the problem.

A simple method

The idea behind the Eat Stop Eat Diet is so simple and fits into many different lifestyles, it doesn’t tell you what time you have to eat by, and it won’t tell you not to eat that office cake.  The best part about it is hearing everything the people living this lifestyle have to say about it. There are noticable changes in how you feel after the first time you implement it.  The eat stop eat results are obvious, and more so physically as you stick with it. All you do is make sure you fast 1-2 times a week, eat normally, and do some sort of resistance training.  For those of you saying to yourselves “I can’t afford a gym membership so I’m out” remember that resistance training can be easy.

Resistance training

Ways to get resistance training at home, and avoid having to pay membership dues at a gym include buying an exercise ball appropriate for your height and weight, a small childs kick ball (slightly deflated) and a theraband (long piece of wide elastic – different colours for different resistance training)  You don’t need to get dumbbells because large cans of soup work just as well.  The idea is to sweat, if you’re sweating you’re producing endorphins, and endorphins feel fantastic.  There’s resistance training at home guides nearly everywhere online, so don’t let this part of the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle get you down, it’s the second easiest part of the whole thing.  The first is agreeing to it for yourself in the first place!

More health benefits

By incorporating resistance training into a fasting diet, you are able to build lean muscle while you burn away the fat.  Your body will begin to reshape itself, even if it doesn’t seem the weight is going as fast as you’d like it to.  Getting into smaller jeans feels great no matter what the scale says.  If looking good and feeling even better aren’t enough of a result of this, how about more reasons?  Reduced stress levels, an increase in mental clarity, and lower chances of developing type II diabetes are among the most reported results of this regimen outside the weight loss and muscle gain.  There are so many health benefits to eating in a better way, eating smaller portions, and maintaining a little exercise.  The best one as far as I’m concerned is self image.  When you can suddenly look in the mirror and realise there’s a different you looking back and smile, there’s not a feeling like it in the world that can describe that sort of joy and feeling of success. See Brad Pilon’s photo for inspiration.

Freedom from fat forever

The freedom to eat what you like and not force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy is completely liberating.  Nobody wants to go to an event, be it a party or a sports game, and watch other people enjoying hot dogs, ice cream, sandwiches, wine, steak and other delicious stuff knowing that we cannot have it ourselves.  That jealousy turns on us and makes us bitter and resentful at ourselves and is just asking us to give it up sooner than later.  When we’re allowing ourselves to eat normally and do as we would anyway, it is much easier to lose the weight and keep it off because we’ve adopted a lifestyle we can control.

Eat Stop EatExpect to feel better by living better, knowing there are entire diet lifestyles out there that aren’t asking you to change everything you are for it. Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat Diet is the closest thing to easy as it gets where dieting and exercise are concerned.  Take control back of your weight and your life


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