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Eat Stop Eat Review

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Eat Stop Eat


Bodybuilding athlete, Brad Pilon, wrote Eat Stop Eat as his interest piqued in finding ways to lower body fat while not harming muscle.

Brad started studying intermittent fasting for his research during graduate school, and having worked for a large diet supplement company, he is well versed in the industry. During this period, he was privy to access to well known nutrionists. He also had access to physiology equipment which few could gain access to, and he used this to conduct many body composition tests on major bodybuilders and athletes. Eat Stop Eat is a book the wrote which is based on over 240 peer-reviewed studies published in Medical Journals Worldwide.

Is Eat Stop Eat the best intermittent fasting method available?

There are quite a few intermittent fasting methods available but we chose to review this one as it is the one that seems to offer the best results with the most flexibility and ease. The Author, Brad Pilon, has been a bodybuilding enthusiast since high school and after he got his degree in Nutritional Sciences went to work in the research and development sector of a bodybuilding supplement company which became one of the biggest in the world. He, surprisingly, decided to resign and go back to University to study human physiology. It was then that he discovered the benefits of intermittent fasting and set the foundation for his book.

Why do intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is natural and it goes hand in hand with natural bodybuilding when you are seeking to lose weight without compromising muscle mass. More and more bodybuilders are turning to intermittent fasting because they are sick and tired of giving up on their social life, spending a pack of money on special ingredients and spending most of the time out of the gym shopping, measuring, cooking and eating tasteless food.

Intermittent fasting is backed by a lot of research and people who try it must not feel they are starving themselves or damaging their bodies in any way. The human body is built to thrive under intermittent fasting. If this were not the case the human race would have become extinct thousands of years ago because up until the agricultural revolution it was necessary for the men to hunt on an empty stomach until they caught their prey, in other words they are built to produce “peak performance” in a fasted state.

In recent times there has been renewed interest on intermittent fasting combined with bodybuilding as it seems to allow excellent muscular results whilst burning fat. A study by the Research Centre for Exercise and Health in Leuven, Belgium proved that fasted training prevents insulin resistance and increases muscle mass.

The Leuven study, published also in the US National Library of Medicine, was conducted on 30 healthy males aged 18-25 divided in 3 groups.  The groups were all fed a high calorie (+30%) high fat (+50%) diet. The “F” group did resistance exercises 4 times a week in a fasted state, the CHO group did the same exercise and ate the same calories as the F group but eating carbohydrates before and during the exercise. The CON group ate the same as the other groups but did no exercise. At the end of the six week period both the CHO and CON groups showed a fat increase and no muscle increase whereas the Fasted group did not gain any weight and showed a 28% higher muscle increase.

Clinical trials have been done to explore the other health benefits of fasting:

Is Eat Stop Eat effective?

Brad Pilon suggests one to two 24 hour fasting sessions a week. During the fast, the growth hormone levels will increase exponentially, the insulin levels will be low and fatty acids will be released into the blood. Norepinephrine and epinephrine levels will increase as well as adrenalin levels. Biologically this is considered the perfect circumstance in which fat can be broken down and muscle mass can be built up.

We have also seen that his method:

  • Does not cause crankiness or low energy
  • Does not limit or control food intake on non-fasting days
  • Does not affect the positive outcome of the workouts
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Increases the levels of growth hormone in the blood
  • Is very inexpensive and does not require you to purchase supplements or laxatives – just the book with 100% money back guarantee.

It is recommended however not to try fasting without having read his book first as the guidance offered can greatly influence the outcome of the fast itself.

What we liked about Brad Pilon is that he is not an “overnight expert” and that he has based his life’s work on bodybuilding nutrition. He has appeared on many well-known magazines and TV shows over the years and knows the ins and outs of the supplement industry better than most.

As seen on

Other interesting clinical studies are

Client Opinion

On-line we did not find negative comments of people who had actually tried Eat Stop Eat. People who do not know about the clinical aspects of intermittent fasting were worried that “starving yourself” was unhealthy. We also found a comment from a user that felt that Brad Pilon underestimated the initial impact that the fasting could have on people, and that he had actually felt hungry the first few times.

From the company website we took only the comments from health and fitness experts as we feel their professional role prevents them from publicly commenting on a product that is not worthy. Here is what they say:

Dr. Geoff Dover from Gainesville, Florida said he could not believe how much free time he had on his hands and that his biggest problem was not that he was hungry but that he didn’t know what to do!

Dr. Patrick Lowry, said he was very impressed by the improval of his general health and that he hadn’t even had a cold in the past three years. Also he eats freely on his eating days and manages to keep his target weight.

Mr. Roland Fisher, a Personal Trainer, says he has been using the Eat Stop Eat method with his clients for years now and that it is simply not true that it’s not possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Reported side effects of Eat Stop Eat

We feel that Brad Pilon brushes off a little too easily the fact that people can have trouble adapting to the fasting days. He started fasting at a young age and his body adapted naturally. Our feeling is that people starting to fast for the first time at a more mature age might take a while to be completely without symptoms as the body has to learn how to adapt to the new situation.

Mild to medium strength headaches, irritability and bad breath have been reported. The best way to alleviate these symptoms is to drink plenty of water as they are due to toxins being released by the fat during the burning process.

No clinical studies reporting side effects to intermittent fasting were found.

How to buy Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop EatThe product is immediately available in download with a full money back guarantee. (Please be weary of scams and purchase directly through our verified link below). You pay an initial $9.99 for a three day trial period and only pay the rest of you are satisfied with the product.

We feel this product can be safely recommended because it is backed by third party, independent, gold-standard clinical trials and because the general consumer opinion is flattering.

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